Monday, December 11, 2006

Kindest Cut Of All

Well, the Cutting Party for the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program is over, and we Represented, people of Minnesota!! We got nearly three times as many donations as the program has gotten at any single event in the past.

The fabulous team from Rocco Altobelli were absolutely essential to pulling in the crowds; I can't thank them enough for their generous donation of their fantastic styling skills and the great kindness they showed to each and every donor. I wholeheartedly recommend the Rocco Altobelli salons to anyone who wants to show off a really fabulous style at their next holiday party!

There's no doubt that a great deal of our success was also due to our placement in the rotunda at the Mall of America. It was fun to be able to listen to the wonderful music provided by the various groups performing on stage, and a good number of our donors came from the audiences those groups pulled in. We were incredibly grateful to the staff at MoA for their support and for providing such a great space. We couldn't have hoped for better!

Jen Celata from DeVries Public Relations came all the way out from New York in order to set up and organize the event. It was amazing to see the way she pulled everything together and kept it on track. It's clearly more than just a job for her. She's my hero.

I also want to thank my wonderful friends who came to support me and to help with the event. You are the Best Ever. I am so lucky!

So all in all, the Cutting Party was a tremendous success. Forget Minnesota Nice - we are Minnesota Wonderful. I just love living here...

Friday, October 27, 2006


I've been away from home for a while, so I haven't blogged in a bit, but now that I'm back I've got GREAT NEWS!!

The date and place for the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Haircut-a-Thon have been set!!!

If you want to do a really good thing for someone with cancer, and you have 7 inches of hair to spare now (you grow an inch a month), meet me at the Mall of America on December 10th, between 1 and 5pm. If you donate your hair you will not only do a wonderful thing (just in time for Santa to realize that you are changing from "Naughty" to "Nice"), but you will get to party at the MOA and get a free professional haircut before the Holidays. And who knows, you might get a chance to show off the new Do in front of the cameras.

Let me know if you can commit. The fabulous Beautiful Lengths publicist (hi, Jen!) will be flying here from New York for the event - the more people they know will be there, the bigger a party they will put on for this thing. Let's Represent, people!!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006!

Ahoy, mates!

I hope that there be no hard feelins from any of ye regardin the lack of postage in recent times, it has been a long week. I 'ave been 'avin rehearals for the wind in the Willows every night all week, with no sign of end any time soon. Nontheless, mates, I simply had to make a post on International Talk Like A Pirate day!

For all ye land lubbers that 'ave not 'eard of it already, September 19 is Inernational Talk Like A Pirate Day, celebrated in many different nations accross the Spanish Main. I implore all of ye to celebrate this most glorious of holidays with me! Who will join me in comandeerin' a vessel, picking up a crew in Tortuga, and pilagein', raidin', pilferin', and generally piratein' our weasely black guts out?

Arrrrrrrr! Let all against us walk the plank!

Other than that bit 'o news, I 'ave precious little to report from 'ere. Rehearsals goin nightly, they run us down like galley crew, the bilge rats. Our vengance will be swift and explosive!!

Let us all join and be pirates together!


Saturday, September 09, 2006


The following post is about the end of my audition for Season 6 of American Idol. But it's not the end of this blog, and it's not the end of my adventures in performing.

So keep coming here, and I'll keep reporting.

See you soon!

Journey's End... For Now

Yesterday afternoon my journey through season 6 of American Idol reached its height and its end, at nearly same moment.

In case you haven't figured it out by this point, I did not make it past the first round of auditions, despite my hopes. There were various reasons for this, but I'm happy to report that none of them had to do with problems on my end of things - I performed as well as I could, and at least one of the two judges seemed to be enjoying my performance.

I'm proud of that. I was competing with people who had a lot more years of experience and training than I have, and I did as well or better than most.

The day began very early, with my mom waking me up at just after 4am. This was followed by general preparations and then hopping off to wait in line with the other hopefuls. We saw some people we had met in line for registration, and met some new friends. I was the only kid in sight, everyone else in my part of the line - and in our seating session later - was over 20. I expected to be intimidated by this, and was surprised to find that actually I felt very calm throughout the entire audition process.

Once we got seated in the auditorium we were taught the lyrics to Prince's hit song '1999', which was followed by the arrival of the show's host, Ryan Seacrest. We sat around for a long time, doing as directed by the producers and Seacrest, which I'm sure will all show up on the tv show, although the camera didn't go out to our section much, so I doubt we'll be on the show at all.

Then I had to stand in line for what seemed forever (I think I grew a couple gray hairs) in order to get some extortionately priced water to replace the water they'd confiscated at the door (no, they didn't have water fountains). Because of the snail's pace of the concession employees, I ended up missing the filmed singing of the Prince song, which sucked big time.

By the time I got back they were telling people about the auditioning process. The pretty gal behind us gave us a recounting of what had been said (we liked the pretty gal behind us). I caught sight of a friend from my current production at New Breath (hi, Amber!) and we exchanged good wishes.

Then we waited. And waited.

Eventually the contestants from my section were escorted down to the arena, where we lined up along the edge and worked our way forward past the twelve judging tables, each separated by black curtains on each side, but open to the long sides of the stands and audience. As we reached the front, we were grouped by fours and each group was led to their own particular judging table, each group standing behind about six other rows of four. So we got a chance to see and listen to a lot of our competitors.

Plenty of time to notice the depressingly few people who were getting through. And how absolutely NONE of the competitors were getting through MY judges. Not one, from the time auditions started... you could see which tables were letting people through and which ones weren't, so my heart sank a bit when I saw which table we were being led to.

When we got to our table, we were welcomed very warmly by the others in front of us and to either side. The atmosphere was very supportive and friendly. At one point there was a guy who was singing a Gospel song, and all of us clapped and moved in time with him.... but he didn't get through, even though we all thought he was very good.

When my group got to the front, I found myself in a group of four that included a Mega-Diva. She was a Rocker in her mid-twenties, very polished, and very loud. Her performance was blow-you-away fantastic, and clearly the judges were impressed. I had to go up right after her, which was intimidating to say the least.

When I sang, the female judge was smiling and moving to the tune, which was heartening. She hadn't done that for any of the other contestants that I saw, including the Scary Good Rocker. However, the male judge practically had a soundtrack with crickets in the background - he didn't quite fall asleep, but I could tell that I wasn't fated to get past him. In spite of his conspicuous lack of enthusiasm, I managed to perform as well or better than I expected.

And that's all I can have hoped for. I didn't falter, I didn't forget my lines, I didn't slide off pitch. I was happy with my performance, and I was happy that I'd added this to my list of life experiences. I had a great time, I enjoyed myself and the people around me, I learned a lot. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

If American Idol comes to Minnesota again, I'll be there. You should come with me.

We're a party that shouldn't be missed.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Idolatry: Registration

First I woke up. That was the Bad Part.

I haven't had to wake up at 4 in the morning... um, when have I ever woken up at 4am? Oh, I've gotten up at 2am, actually, when I was younger and my insane mother would drag me out to SA for sandwiches and then drive out into the fields of Wisconsin or Northern Minnesota in order to watch a big meteor shower. And I occasionally wake up due to chronic insomnia.

But this was different. I volunteered for this.

So up I got at 4am. So that we could all run around like crazed chickens, trying to figure out exactly what we should pack and haul with us to the American Idol registration line.

Out the door we piled, heading for SA... and of course as we neared our first destination, we realized that we had forgotten the only actually required item: my identification, which we had spent quite a bit of time and money procuring the day before.

So we dropped mom off to load up on provisions while dad and I headed back for said I.D. By the time we got back, mom was loaded down with two bags of food and beverages. Just enough to take the edge off, in other words. Hey, I'm 16. "Feed Me" is my Theme Song.

It was still dark by the time we got to the Target Center. The line didn't look too long, so we thought, "Great, we don't have to take the camp chairs after all!" and waved goodbye to dad as we headed optimistically for what seemed to be the end of the line.

Except it wasn't the end of the line. The line we saw ended just before the corner. When we got to said corner we realized there was just a big gap in the line, protected by equally large security guards. The line continued around the corner and down the entire block. And around *that* corner, and down most of *that* block. Where we were was actually closer to the entrance than the people who had lined up several hours before we had... unfortunately the line did not travel in two directions, so we knew we had a longer wait in front of us than we'd originally hoped.

And THAT was when we thought registration would start at 6am, as advertised on the Idol website. But what they probably meant was that they would start setting up tables and drinking coffee at 6.

So we stood. Front to back, side by side. A lot like cattle in a chute. Moo.

And we stood.

And we stood. For 4 hours.

Finally we moved! Five feet! And then stopped. But it was very exciting. I've never heard such a huge cheer for such a small accomplishment. Well, not since the play we performed for our parents in preschool.

Then we stood.

Over the next hour and a half or so, it was a human version of a really nasty rush hour traffic jam. But people waited patiently, and seemed heartened by the occasional movement. And we did finally reach our destination.

Which involved less than two minutes of showing I.D. to a young guy sitting at a makeshift table, getting wristbands attached to our arms and being warned not to get them too wet or blurring the numbers by which I would be called for the audition. We weren't informed exactly how I am to take a bath/shower and accomplish this feat - are they expecting their contestants on Friday to smell like... well, the cattle we resembled during the last few hours?

Tomorrow it will only be worse. We'll be getting up earlier. We'll be standing in line longer: if the website said registration opens at 6, and that auditions open at 8, what does that mean in terms of actually getting in on Friday, when we look at our experience on Wednesday?

And what will be our mood by then, with the addition of nerves and irritating singing on all sides?


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Summer's End

I am homeschooled. So I'm not tied to the school year in a recognizable way. I don't have to panic about school starting after Labor Day.

Over the summer most of my Schooled friends and I have hung out quite a bit, which I've really enjoyed. We've Gamed, we've LARPed, we've fenced and watched movies. We've argued and laughed and celebrated each other's birthdays. We've supported each other through new loves and breakups and family problems and teenaged angst. Now, due to the impending end of Summer Break, those times will soon be over.

I'll still see my friends, but we won't be able to just hang out together as we have over the past couple months - and when we get together, most times at least one of us will be missing due to a school-related scheduling conflict.

During the summer my academic schedule let up a bit, but basically continued as usual - so I got accustomed to being the one whose schedule occasionally threw a spanner into the works, so to speak. Now the situation is changing, and mine is the schedule that seems flexible, while my friends become tied down to increasingly complex demands on their time.

This is particularly difficult for me this year. Most of my friends are a year or two older than I, and this is their last year of high school - and their last year of being Our Gang. Next fall they will be scattering all over the U.S., attending colleges in far off states where our casual Gaming sessions and fencing bouts will be just a distant memory.

I, no doubt, will make new connections. I will make new friends. I will be busy with my own concerns and my own busy schedule. I will have plenty to keep me busy and entertained.

But I'll miss them. That eventuality is starting to feel like Reality.

I'll miss them.

That's all.

Monday, August 28, 2006

It's Music! Sort Of!

We found the sheet music for both the Groban and the Green Day.

Still haven't figured out a way to make "Si Volvieras a Mi" palatable in a 30-second cut.

It's looking more and more like a Boulevard sort of day.

So that's what we're working on. It seems that I am not Angst-Ridden enough to be believable as a Teen. I think my vocal coach thinks it's that I'm too immature to have gotten to that point yet. My mom thinks it's because I'm like my dad - who might have had a moment of angst once. But then he woke up and thought about golf and breakfast, and was back to himself again.

My vocal coach gave me an assignment to listen to a Tori Amos song and interpret it. She thought it might help me to connect to the emotion better.

I listened, and came to the conclusion that Tori ought to get a life and stop thinking about mermaids so much. It's making her weird.

I tried. Really. I even asked a friend of mine who spends a lot of time moping around in her room crying about the world if she could please explain Tori. She didn't get it, either... especially the mermaids.

So how do I become a brooding Teen Idol if I don't know how to brood correctly?

(My mom is laughing at me - she says that I could do it at the same time that I figure out how to be a Badass Sith Lord when I get all gooey over babies and can't stand it when people get hurt or upset. Mothers are a trial and a blight on the earth, and shouldn't be allowed to read over people's shoulders.)

Maybe I should just sing "Rainbow Connection" and get it over with...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Decisions, Decisions... Yet Again

I have to decide on a song within a week or so, at the latest.

Frankly, it's looking like I'm going to have to give up on "Si Volvierals a Mi". Oddly enough, this is not due to a problem with the singing per se. I just can't seem to find a way to fit a reasonable sampling of it into the 30 second time limit.

I'll keep working at it. But I'm not feeling terribly optimistic about my chances.

"Boulevard of Broken Dreams", on the other hand, gets pretty close. I've got it down to 43 seconds. At this point I am trying to figure out how to make it suitably impressive without sounding incredibly rushed.

The other problem being that it is hard for me to sing "Boulevard" without hearing the instrumentals from the recording in my head, which tends to make me want to keep to the driving beat... something that I'm unsure is the best approach, since I need to change the song up a bit to make it 'mine'.

Also, I can't find copy of sheet music for "Boulevard" anywhere in the TC's. It would take a week to have it ordered from somewhere. Gah. The 'American Idiot' book is just guitar tabs, no use to me at all.

I am feeling that lucky streak slipping away.

Maybe that's a good thing? Sort of like how Dress Rehearsal always is a complete disaster, and everyone runs around tearing out their hair and squeaking in a dire sort of way, but it all magically pulls together for the actual performance (usually)?

Please say, "Yes, Bren, it's just like that. Really."

I'll promise to pretend to believe you...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Will It Last?

This is some sort of weird charmed streak I'm having in the last week or so.

~The problematic song in the New Breath production was lowered so that it fell within my range.

~My new director (Thanks, New Breath) ROCKS!!!

~We haven't gotten lost on the way to my voice coach's new house, even though we've gone three times. This happenstance is so outside of the space/time continuum as we know it that there are possible global implications. The only thing that comforts me is that we *did* get so involved in the wonder of the week that we got distracted and missed an exit on the way home last Monday, and it took several miles before we found an exit that allowed us to turn around... I am hoping that this restores *some* balance to the Universe.

~I am officially the MN Ambassador for Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program, which is a cause very close to my heart, and even closer to my head... or, at least it WILL be closer to my head, once I donate my hair!

~Today I found out that I got the spot on the Teen Performance Troupe at the Brave New Workshop that I auditioned for yesterday.

This is just an overwhelming sort of streak of luck/success that it's kind of scary.

On the one hand, could this amazing winning streak possibly last long enough to carry me through the American Idol competition? Or will the Universe seek balance by having something really fiendishly humiliating and disastrous in store for me at that audition?

Will it last?

Do I have the right to even hope that it will last?

Well, one thing I do know. No matter what happens - even if I don't even get to audition, if I just sit in line and never have the chance to sing - I have nothing to complain about. I have plenty to do. And I can always try again.

Life is good.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Reptiles In A Flying Brick

Still working away at the music... vocal coach currently having me 'map' out the tune, trying to get something to visualize. I don't know exactly how that's supposed to do anything other than keep me busy, but what the heck, worth a shot - right?

In the meantime... SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite my apparent enthusiasm, I'm relatively confused about the appeal of Snakes. On a plane. Unfortunately, whenever I ask someone about this, their answer is invariably, "It's snakes. On a PLANE!" As if this is the most brilliant, creative combination in the history of movie-making. Ever. On a plane.

It is, in part, the total dumbassedness of the concept that holds the appeal. The idea that we could make an entire movie about putting a number of animals in a small contained environment that is not native to the species... well, I can see it being kind of cool for a five-minute sketch on MAD TV or SNL, but one can't help but wonder how it could possibly live up to one's expectations of nonstop excitement, amusement, and fully reeking bad-ness for an hour and a half. Even though they are plopping the impressive Mr. Jackson in the middle of it all and letting him swear up a blue streak.

I don't know whether I will see it or not. It depends on if I can go with a group of appropriately rowdy and snotty-faced companions, and get into an empty theater so that we can all be as obnoxious as our brilliance allows (which is pretty darned obnoxious). Good companions - or companions that are Bad Enough - can liven up the dullest of occasions. Thank Goodness.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I Think I'd Better Think It Out Again

We had the benefit for New Breath last night, and the general consensus is that the production might not be as bad as I feared.

For one thing, the director evidently has permission to make significant changes in the score and script. For which I am grateful, for several reasons. Not least of which is that if I tried to sing a couple of my songs in the high tenor range in which they are written, you would have the opportunity to watch my head explode, right there onstage.

Which might be kind of cool for you, but it would more or less suck for me.

For another thing, there are some really talented people in the cast. I mean, REALLY talented people. I am not worthy.

So I guess it is safe for you all to come to the production, if you like. It probably won't kill you. Except possibly my performance. Did I mention that I'm not worthy?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So There

I think my vocal coach has doubts about my ability to stick to key under the stress of nerves and crowds and people singing right next to me, etc. She's pressing me to stick to "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", since that's a much easier song to sing. It's simpler, I know it better at the moment, and it's less vocally demanding.

I totally understand her feelings. I do tend to slide flat at times lately, and "Si Volvieras a Mi" is hard to hit on target at the best of times. Boulevard is definitely more of a sure bet.

But it is also... well, it's Fine. It's Okay. I do it well enough. But... it's not going to stand out. It's not going to wow anybody. Other people will probably sing it, and will also do a perfectly good job of it.

So... do I go the safe route, and do a good job of the Workhorse song?

Or take a big risk and try for the Wow Factor that might fall like a lead balloon?

For now I'm going to prepare both. Even that's a risk... easier to prepare one easy song than a very challenging one and an easier one.

But I'm not at the point yet where I can give up the dream...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Decisions II

We have a Winner. Well, two winners. The songs I will be auditioning with will officially be:

"Si Volvieras a Mi" (sung by Josh Groban)


"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" (sung by Green Day)

In no particular order. Possibly I will not sing one of them... it's a backup.

Yes, I know the latter song was not on my Possibles list before. I never promised I would be consistent. I'm a Teenager. Sue me.

(no, don't - I don't want to be sued. It takes too much time, and I need my vast savings of... I'm not entirely sure, but let's say it's in the double digits. The real double digits, not the 'tens of thousands' sort of double digits. I'm a Teenager. Sue... no, wait, we've gone through that already)

So there you are. Two songs. Are you impressed? I made a decision, and I still have a couple weeks to prepare. I Rock.

Or something.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm Melting! Melting!!

Clearly I'm a Broadway Musical Geek...

Anyway, the other point is that I'm finding that I'm losing my voice after an hour or so of singing, including warmups, and that shouldn't be happening. I used to sing for three hours straight with the Boychoir and come out of it with no strain or problem at all. Obviously I've developed some bad habits, but I don't know exactly what they are or how to fix them. In the meantime, I really need to increase my practice time; losing my voice after only one hour and then having to rest it the whole of the next day is really going to get in the way of that.

In the Extremely Unlikely Event that I got sent on to the Hollywood Hell Week after auditions, such a problem would be disastrous. Clearly it Must Be Fixed. But how?


I don't suppose Blind Panic is a good remedy?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

American Idol Auditions

I read today that the Rose Bowl (yes, that Rose Bowl) held the first of the auditions. And there were more than 10,000 auditioners. And they auditioned four or five people at the same time, at tables set right next to each other.

I get easily pulled off by people singing something else (or really off-key) right next to me.

And then I read a quote from an official at the Target Center here, who says that they are expecting as many as 20,000 auditioners here. Because, you know, of having two large cities with highly developed arts communities right here, cozily sharing borders. Not to mention being the nearest place for the extremely performance-minded Chicagoans to audition.

I am out of my mind.

I'm still going to go. I'm going to do my best.

But I am out of my mind.

Decisions, Decisions

My vocal coach was finally un-sick enough to bother with a lesson, and now I'm back to the drawing board song-wise.

She also asked me what sort of image I intend to project, and of course for me that's problematic. American Hero is out, obviously. Country Boy - no. Cool is obviously beyond reach. My current vocal style doesn't fit the Rocker category, although I'm a fan. And frankly I don't have the training or developed style yet to compete with people who have a decade of experience on me.

By my actual personality, I suppose 'Innocent Vulnerable Mama's Boy' would be both the most accurate and advantageous - but I look older than my age, and I only wear black and dark gray, and there's the hair thing, so physically I just don't look the part. Unfortunately the other acceptable/appealing image for a 16yo guy on American Idol is the Pretty Boy/Boy Band thing, and I DEFINITELY don't fit that type.

So. What to do?

Vocal coach says, "You'll just have to be the geek you are and then surprise them, come out and blow them away."

Yah. No problem. Especially since we can't decide on (find?) the right SONG with which to do the actual blowing. The danger at this point is that instead of blowing them away, I'm more likely to inspire: "That really Blows!"

26 days or so to prepare.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Evil Practices

Before I begin, I would like to point out that Josh Groban's songs are a bit hellish to sing, especially the songs in foreign languages. Seriously.

First off, at the moment I am finding it very hard to hit his higher notes, and that is on top of not being able to pronounce the lyrics themselves. When I try to practice, I sound like Mr. Bean in the Christmas choir.

" mumble mumble..... Si Volvieras a Mi!.... mumble mumble......"

So, yeah. Hard.

I have been practicing every day. I even have an entire CD made up of nothing but vocal warm-ups to work with. I wish that they would do ALL of the work, especially the voice cracking part. And math.

The CD is very good. I swear by The Zen of Screaming now.

(And at it, occasionally)

The audition instructions suggest that I prepare at least two songs. Keep in mind that my first song will be by Josh Groban, a man with a beautiful, lyrical, baritenor voice... which I (at the moment) don't have. My high notes are about as solid as the Italian government. My voice is... well, I like to describe it as "better than Larry the Cable Guy." Or perhaps more generously, "manly."

My possible choices for first (Josh Groban) song:

"Si Volvieras a Mi" (which, if you didn't notice, is in Spanish. A language which I never studied and which I do not speak. Why doesn't Josh do a couple songs in French? I could SO show off in French. I changed my mind. Josh Groban sucks)


"Remember When It Rained" (which is in English, but unfortunately it's in an octave which is too high for me, but which sounds boring and stupid in the next lower register. Did I mention that Josh Groban sucks? But dang, impressive...)

My choice for second song is between:

"Everybody's Fool" by Evanescence, a rock song sung by a female vocalist. Totally makes sense, right? After all, I think Groban's songs go too high, why not compound the issue?


"100 Years" by Five For Fighting. Let's go for broke, and do a song that is done 50% in falsetto. And not just nice long phrases in falsetto. That would be too easy. We're going to jump up and down from chest voice to falsetto to chest voice again right in the middle of words. Even small ones. Like 'it'. Because, you know, we're bored and don't have anything better to do than tie our vocal chords in knots.


Anybody want to vote?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Will You Join In Our Crusade?

You may notice from my picture that I am growing out my hair. I am not doing this to make a style statement, though I admit that when I first started letting it grow, it was because my girlfriend of that time liked it long. But then my cousin talked to me about his reasons for growing his hair long. And for cutting it.

Now I'm growing my hair for a much better reason than vanity.

I am growing my hair for a Cause.

Some of you may know that my mother had cancer while she was pregnant with me. You may also know that both of my grandparents have had cancer. We have loved ones who have had breast cancer, testicular cancer, skin cancer, bladder cancer, and colon cancer. So the subject of cancer has importance to me and my family.

My mom has talked to many people who have survived cancer, and often they talk about the treatments that follow the surgeries. As devastating as the side effects of treatment can be to their bodies, many people - women in particular - suffer as much in spirit as they do physically, particularly when Chemo treatment causes them to lose their hair. Many women say that it is more difficult emotionally to lose their hair than it is to lose their breasts.

Hair is something most of us take for granted when we are young and healthy, something that we complain about, that we cut off and throw away. But it's precious to those who don't have it. And those of us who have more than we need - we have a wonderful opportunity to help others, with very little sacrifice on our part.

Pantene and the Entertainment Industry Foundation have put together the Beautiful Lengths program, which is collecting hair and using it to make and donate wigs to cancer survivors who otherwise would never be able to afford to buy good quality wigs for themselves. Please go to their website and order a free hair donation kit.

I will post the names of anyone who commits to making a donation here on my website - and if you have a blog, I will post a link to it here as well. I will also post Before and After photos of myself when I cut my hair for donation, for your amusement. Feel free to point and laugh... but only if you are growing out your own hair for donation!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Shrieking Geek Embarks On A New Adventure

American Idol comes to Minneapolis on September 8th to hold auditions, and I will be there. I can't promise more than that.

Well, I can promise that I will be preparing as best I can, and that I'll write about that prepwork here.

I will report my progress as best I can... up until the audition itself, at which point I will be contractually required to keep my mouth shut for three months and/or until the AI season is finished... whichever is closer to the end of my particular road.

Wish me luck. I have a feeling that I will need all the luck I can get!